2011 Slingshot KEY HD

2011 Slingshot KEY HD

The 2011 Slingshot KEY HD kite is a kite for the one who value safety, convenience, stability and easy relaunch, no hassle. The Key HD features a great wind range (unmatched according to Slingshot), excellent upwind performance and full depower.

The Slingshot Key comes with the Keychain keybar.




Tech specs:

  • Hybrid Delta Canopy Shape. Advantages with this is unmatched range, effortless relaunch in every condition, superb upwindability, unmatched in-flight stability, lofty vertical boost.
  • 5 Strut Design. Solid feel through all areas of the wind window. Umatched stability. Maximizes canopy shape integrity.
  • Onepump. Original Slingshot patented single point inflation system.
  • CFI attachment point. Provides custom options for depower and bar pressure.
  • Ballistic Aramid scuff guards on every segment seam. Prevents overall wear and tear.
  • Mark cloth reinforced trailing edge. Increases durability.
  • Compact bridle. In flight stability and eliminates the risk of tangle.
  • Strut tight tail pipes. Prevents line tangle issues.
  • Ergonomic nipple placement. Less overall drag.
  • Slingshot legendary construction. Bomber quality.
  • Lifetime Rider Hotline Membership. Unsurpassed customer service.


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