Slingshot rider Mauricio Abreu

Mauricio Abreu has been kitesurfing for a looong time! His style is far from old school, rather one can call it new school!



A nice video from the Len10 Megaloop Challenge. As you can see not all riders are using Slingshot kites. North, RRD, Naish, Best. Alberto Rondino shows that it´s even possible to make kiteloops with Cabrinha. However as we all know Lewis Crathern won this challenge and what is he riding with… Slingshot Fuel! Maybe a coincident that the riders choose Slingshot, maybe not… 😉


Slingshot goes to Nitrocity

Some lucky guys from the Slingshot team have recently been to Nitrocity in Panama to test some of Slingshot’s new products, among them the Slingshot Turbine light wind kite. Anyway, check out this cool video and book a flight to Panama!


New Slingshot Video

The Slingshot team has made a new movie in Panama. A great edited video with some kick-ass shots, just like we’re used to see productions from Slingshot!


2012 Slingshot RPM

Slingshot’s RPM has was a great kite already when it was released year 2009. The RPM is now released in its 4th version, tuned to perfection! You´re probably familiar with Ruben Lenten and Youri Zoon. Ruben is the guy’s that make insane kiteloops, Youri is the world’s kiteboarder champion. Perhaps is it a coincident that they both ride with Slingshot or perhaps do other kite manufacturers simply not produce kites that are good enough for those who requires top performance?


Ruben Lenten – videos and pictures

Ruben Lenten is one of the most famous and probably craziest kite riders in the whole world. Ruben Lenten is well known for his insane jumps and kite loops. Such extreme jump in strong wind conditions put lots of stress not only on the rider himself, but on the kite. Did you know that each line of Slingshots kite support 600kg!?
To honour Ruben Lenten we post some videos and pictures of him, enjoy!

And some pics here:
Pics of Len 10


Slingshot Comp Stick Control Bar

Slingshot released a new bar 2010 called the Comp Stick Control Bar.

This bar is used for year 2012 as well which tells us something about the quality of this bar.

Some features with this bar:

  • Single point central type push away release. 1 front line flag system.
  • Below the bar depower for cleanliness above the bar, aided by a pulley on the front lines that swivels to release front line twists.




Ruben Lenten in South Africa

Ruben Lenten is out with a new video recorded in South Africa! Ruben Lenten is famous not only for his sick mega loops, but also his creative and innovative kite style.

Ruben is a role model when it comes to kite surfing. He trains a few times per week at the gym to stay in shape and to prevent himself to get injured during his jumps, even pros crash now and then you know.

Ruben will compete next year to show the world where he wants to lead the kite surfing, which is not just a way of doing as techniqual advanced tricks as possible.

Anyway, enjoy his new video here =)

For more info about Slingshot and Ruben Lenten check out Slingshot Sport


What happened when Ruben jumped over pier

Ruben barely managed to jump over the pier. A bad take off combined with gusty wind resulted in bad lift and I think it’s miracle that he actually made to jump over the pier withour crashing into the second ledge of the pier. Talk about an adrenalin kick! Well, I guess we all can be thankful that he survived so we can watch more of Lentens mega loop in the future 🙂


Ruben Lenten is back

Ruben Lenten, Slingshots pro rider is back after 8 months of rehabilitation. He was recently in Tarifa to make some shoots for Slingshot and Mystic with their 2012 products. In this session Lenten is going to jump over a pier that divides the mediterrean sea and the atlantic ocean, a pretty long jump in other words… Lenten is eager to get back into doing mega loops, but according to this video he´s a bit rusty from being out of the water for such long time.