Slingshot 2013 Rally

The new 2013 Rally is reinvented to be your first choice when it comes to kitesurfing in the waves and freeriding. The Rally is a 4-line kite designed with surfing in mind. The Rally has new Connect Forward attachment points, a new bridle setup, Reflex Wingtip technology and reinforced trailing edge.

The Rally sits further forward in the wind window allowing you to ride upwind with ease. However, the Open Delta-C shape also gives you the opportunity to position the kite further back in the wind window for when you wanna ride with the perfect resistance and when you want to perform load-and-pop tricks.

The Rally delivers maximum range, instant de-power, effortless relaunch and precise handling. The canopy is rock solid thanks to the inegrated Splitstrut technology. The Rally is of course equipped with Slingshots patented one pump system and this year the Rally also comes in a 7m version to complete your quiver.


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