Slingshot Rally 9m

Slingshot has been the most popular brand in kite making for the last two years. Rally 9m is one of the most sold kites from Slingshot. Recent changes made to this kite had given a little twist from the original this time. The kite is being tested in many ways so that it stays at the top of the game. It’s been an all round machine which is being used for some success on the racecourse. To improve the upwind ability with a higher aspect ratio the kite is been made in the shape of an open arc this time. The point of rear attachment is also moved forward to avoid the kite stalling in due to the over sheet on the bar. To give the kite more rigid frame the leading edge has been made larger in diameter this time. The kite also carries a new wingtip shape, and this is been supported by two mini struts on the bar.

Last few years it was observed that the Compstick Bar is in the lineup. There are few new changes but the rest are only the old favorites. There was a 100% test conducted which was done over this kite for the Center Safety System. The Swivel is on the front line. The chicken loop remains the same. Only on the centre lines a new aluminum is provided which offers low friction. One can also avoid trapping of finger by raising it. To make it easier the grip is softened, and hence was rewarded as the overall rated the best kite of the year voted on the maximum customer choice.

Last year, Rally was praised for its innate stability and it allowed the rider to do its job instead of not worrying about the kite much. The team was cautious that the changes took place in the Rally this year and the kite was a stable one previously might cause a sales issue. The kite having Bow shape outlines which is noticeable and also higher aspect in nature. The kite also has a big diameter at the leading edge which helps the kite to stay high in the water and also stops from rolling. From the previous year the turning speed is little slower. It makes the 9m smaller as one is flying altogether and more predictable in the air. The shape and profile is a new one which allows the window to penetrate and pull it upwind just like as for trains. It’s suited for the learners especially intermediate to advanced riders, those who are looking for the all round kite. This kite is suited very much to the beginners, but also who are ambitious and can progress much with the kite has an appetite to use it.

The kite Rally became famous for the riders over the world. In last couple of years many people became fan of Rally, which is never going to change. The kite has been better due to its shape, design, predictable, stableness, and reliable. There is so much to perform with the kite and even the performance satisfies all the riders.

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