Slingshot RPM 10m Review

I recently had a session with a Slingshot RPM 10m, 2009 version. A hybrid kite, i.e. a combination of a traditional c-kite and a bow kite.

First impression:
The kite is extremely robust and well constructed. The leader lines are reinforced to withstand really tough conditions! I´ve been riding kites from many different manufactures such as Cabrinha Crossbow, Royal, EH etc… but none can compare to Slingshot when it comes to construction. No wonder Ruben Lenten and Youri Zoon rides with Slingshot!

In the air:

The RPM is positioned a little back in wind window making it almost immune to gusts. You can let go of the bar and the kite is just parked there in the sky. The handling is fast, the kite immidiately response on your manouvers. You could have wished more from the RPM when it comes to jumping. The hang time is simply not very good and it feels like you fall down quite fast from the sky, but perhaps is it just me that isn’t good enough to control the kite in the sky… though I feel that I can jump a lot higher and more controlled with bow-kites.

The bar:

The bar has a metal aluminium core which makes it strong and indestructible. Slingshot are still obstinate when it comes to the the lines that goes through the bar, they look like some cheap rope bought in a store for sailing and they do get worn out quite “fast”. What you can do is to put some wax on the ropes, not only will it make them slide easier through the bar, but make it less vulnerable to wear. The depower strap is also quite shitty, you pull it down and attach it in some kind of cleat stolen from a sailboat and it works in the same way, it just tends to wear the rope. These ropes also have a tendency to scrape against you fingers when you ride with one hand placed on the middle of the bar. Conclusion is that bars where the center lines is wrapped in a plastic tube is much more comfortable!


The RPM is great kite. The bar could be more comfortable, but I guess that is something Slingshot have worked with and I assume that bars from 2011 are nicer than this 2009 version. The RPM is a pro kite and my feeling is that you must be an advanced rider you fully enjoy this kite.


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  1. Nicely written review.
    Though I can’t agree with hangtime issue. I was on REV’s for 3 years and yes while the boost was massive I found it hard to control the kite once I was off the water, it was as though it would completely power down. The 2011 RPM is opposite, decent boost but for once I can pull off good landings and fully enjoy an overpowered day 🙂
    My main kite previous was 15mREV and now 14mRPM.
    Safe Flying Blud

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