2012 Slingshot Z

Slingshot Z is the first “Spherical-C” profile kite on the market. This is a versatile kite that gives constant pull with controlled power yet very stable and predictable in all types of wind conditions. The Z-kite is easy to relaunch and can generate huge power for those massive jumps!

The Z kite comes with all the latest features that we already see in the RPM and Fuel, but also with some brand new features, such as the “plug and play” feature. This include a pulley free bridle for a more direct feel and for enhanced responsiveness. Compared to RPM and Fuel, the Z-kite sits slighty further in the wind window, which gives it unmatched upwind performances. The Spherical-C Profile in combination with the axis wing tips make the kite more or less relaunch by itself, since it wants to roll up off the water. Z is a kite from Slingshot that has been optimized for a maximum range to fit all kinds of riding conditions.

The Z kite comes in sizes: 6m, 9m, 11m, 13m


LEN10 Megaloop Challenge 2012

A great competition is coming up in just 2 weeks! Forget the unhooked double hand passes that you´ve seen hundred times in kiteboarding competitions, it´s time for some real action!

The Len10 Megaloop Challenge is a competition for all mega kitelooping maniacs! Ruben Lenten has challenged 24 “amateur” kiteboarders. The bigger and higher jumps equals higher scores!

The competition will take place in Cape Town the 16th to the 26th February. The competition requires a minimum wind speed of 15 knots per second, so that´s why the competition is being held for 10 days, just to be sure that there will be at least one windy day!

The judges will not only measure high and length of the mega loops, but also style, enthusiams and speed of the kite loops.
The winner will take home $10.000 and also get an exclusive photo shoot by Red Bull’s photographer Craig Kolesky.
A second price will to go the kiteboarder that makes the biggest crash, so the one that breakes his legs or wreck his knees might at least get some money for operations at the hospital 🙂

If you want to challenge Ruben Lenten, then simply post a video of your best kite loop on Ruben Lentens Facebook Page or register yourself for trials on Red Bulls homepage. if the wind conditions are right, these trials will take place the 11th or 12th of February at Blouberg Beach.

Personally I think it will be very interesting to see what kite brands the other kiteboarders are using. Would be nice to not only see Slingshot Fuels! This challenge is great opportunity for all kite manufactures to show us what they go for!


2012 Slingshot RPM

Slingshot’s RPM has was a great kite already when it was released year 2009. The RPM is now released in its 4th version, tuned to perfection! You´re probably familiar with Ruben Lenten and Youri Zoon. Ruben is the guy’s that make insane kiteloops, Youri is the world’s kiteboarder champion. Perhaps is it a coincident that they both ride with Slingshot or perhaps do other kite manufacturers simply not produce kites that are good enough for those who requires top performance?


Slingshot 2012 Darkside

Slingshot does not only manufactures kites, but also boards! Their newest star for year 2012 is the Darkside board!


Slingshot Fuel 2012

fuel 2012You may already have seen it at your local kite spot, the Slingshot Fuel 2012! Slingshot has once again released a beast on the market. the Slingshot Fuel 2012 is an improvement of an already more or less perfect kite. The new split strut design makes the Fuel 2012 extremely steady when you fly it through the wind window. The bar pressure is slightly lighter compared to the 2010 year model which drops even more when you pop making handlepasses easier than ever before. When it comes to big jumps you still have to get used to the typical c-kite characteristics, but once you get a grip over it you´ll notice that this kite is a monster when we´re talking about big airs. This is something that you especially get a feeling for if you´re making unhooked kiteloops, the pull upwards is extreme, not like you´re looping with bowkites that tend to pull you more downwind. The secret behind the improved upwards capabilities lies within the split strut system combined with the aerodynamical shape that creates more lift and reduced drag.

Turning speed is of course lightning fast and water relaunches a piece of cake. The safety system is also top notch. The previous version of the Slingshot could be a bit slacky in its shape during high pressure, loaded jumps etc. The new splitstrut however seems to have fixed this issue. Slingshot has really done a terrific job this year, keep up the good work!