A nice video from the Len10 Megaloop Challenge. As you can see not all riders are using Slingshot kites. North, RRD, Naish, Best. Alberto Rondino shows that it´s even possible to make kiteloops with Cabrinha. However as we all know Lewis Crathern won this challenge and what is he riding with… Slingshot Fuel! Maybe a coincident that the riders choose Slingshot, maybe not… 😉


Ruben Lenten is back

Ruben Lenten, Slingshots pro rider is back after 8 months of rehabilitation. He was recently in Tarifa to make some shoots for Slingshot and Mystic with their 2012 products. In this session Lenten is going to jump over a pier that divides the mediterrean sea and the atlantic ocean, a pretty long jump in other words… Lenten is eager to get back into doing mega loops, but according to this video he´s a bit rusty from being out of the water for such long time.