Ruben Lenten in South Africa

Ruben Lenten is out with a new video recorded in South Africa! Ruben Lenten is famous not only for his sick mega loops, but also his creative and innovative kite style.

Ruben is a role model when it comes to kite surfing. He trains a few times per week at the gym to stay in shape and to prevent himself to get injured during his jumps, even pros crash now and then you know.

Ruben will compete next year to show the world where he wants to lead the kite surfing, which is not just a way of doing as techniqual advanced tricks as possible.

Anyway, enjoy his new video here =)

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Ruben Lenten is back

Ruben Lenten, Slingshots pro rider is back after 8 months of rehabilitation. He was recently in Tarifa to make some shoots for Slingshot and Mystic with their 2012 products. In this session Lenten is going to jump over a pier that divides the mediterrean sea and the atlantic ocean, a pretty long jump in other words… Lenten is eager to get back into doing mega loops, but according to this video he´s a bit rusty from being out of the water for such long time.