Slingshot goes to Nitrocity

Some lucky guys from the Slingshot team have recently been to Nitrocity in Panama to test some of Slingshot’s new products, among them the Slingshot Turbine light wind kite. Anyway, check out this cool video and book a flight to Panama!


Ruben Lenten – videos and pictures

Ruben Lenten is one of the most famous and probably craziest kite riders in the whole world. Ruben Lenten is well known for his insane jumps and kite loops. Such extreme jump in strong wind conditions put lots of stress not only on the rider himself, but on the kite. Did you know that each line of Slingshots kite support 600kg!?
To honour Ruben Lenten we post some videos and pictures of him, enjoy!

And some pics here:
Pics of Len 10